Custom Steel Benches

Prairie Road Iron Works in Linn, KS offers powder coated steel benches. Our benches are more resistant to rusting, they will look the same as the day you bought it. We offer many different powder coat colors and all of our benches are handmade and built to last! With the powder coat surface you get a beautiful finish and it helps to keep your bench looking great for many years. Our standard benches ship within 2-3 weeks, but for a unique look add your own customization which takes about 2-4 weeks for production. We have many benches to choose from and we continue to create new design for our clients. We offer a variety of benches; Collegiate Benches, Military Benches, Public Service Benches, Case IH Benches, In Loving Memory Benches (we customize these special for your loved ones), Wedding Benches, Butterfly/ Garden Benches, and more. Keep watching as we will being introducing even more great options soon to our Bench Collection!              All benches are shipped for Free.

In Memory of “Papa Bert”

Call Prairie Road Iron Works at 785-747-6362 to learn more or check out our online shop.