Gorgeous Ideas for Incorporating Decorative Iron Into Your Backyard

When you think of decorating your home, you probably imagine what you’ll do with the indoors. When you have a house with even the smallest yard, though, you’ll want to give some attention to decorating your outdoor living spaces. Below are some ideas for decorating with an exceptionally durable and attractive material – decorative iron.

Inspirational Patio Décor

A well-dressed patio is a joy for entertaining. If you’ve outfitted your patio in attractive décor, you can invite guests over spontaneously without having to do extra decorating. One way you can do this is with decorative iron cut into inspirational words.

So, you’ll choose the decorative iron that speaks to you – literally. Choose a spot to hang it where it’s easily visible from the main patio area. You may leave the decorative word to stand alone, or you may add other wall hangings to create a gallery effect. Such an installation can even become a conversation piece.

Rain Gauge Centerpiece

As the name suggests, a rain gauge measures the amount of rainfall your yard receives. This information helps you determine how much to water the area based on your plants’ needs. You can also place the rain gauge to measure how much water output your sprinkler is giving.

A rain gauge can also be a decorative item when combined with a metal holder. The holder can be laser-cut or otherwise manipulated into a pleasing shape. You’ll want to place your rain gauge in a space that’s most useful for measuring the water. However, you can landscape around it with flowers or otherwise pretty plants. Just be sure they don’t impede the water flow into the gauge.

Unique Tree House

One of the hallmarks of childhood is playing in a treehouse. Indeed, it’s a rite of passage for parents to install such a structure in one of their trees – but your treehouse doesn’t have to be strictly utilitarian. You could use the decorative iron to decorate the exterior walls to make the structure unique.

Many parents start with a kit, though you can build the treehouse from scratch. The treehouse should have some flat exterior walls. Let your kids choose an iron sign, quilt block, or other decorative items for the walls. If you have multiple children, they can each choose their own decorative iron wall hanging to personalize the treehouse.

Flowers and Iron

Designers commonly mix materials. When they do so, they like to play the materials off of each other to showcase their unique characteristics. This design idea works especially well with iron and landscaping because decorative iron is manufactured and plants are organic.

For this display, plan first where you’re going to hang your iron ornament. You could choose a laser-cut quilt block and hang it near a set of planters. You could even prop the iron art against the wall on a shelf. From there, place potted plants so that the foliage just covers parts of the decorative iron. You don’t want to hide it. The goal is to showcase the organic leaves against the hard iron.

Colorful Garden Bench

A garden bench is a classic. However, while many homeowners opt for the standard wrought iron or wicker, a powder-coated bench can be a welcome splash of color in your backyard.

You could start with a bench in a color that matches the trim or other areas of your house, or one powder-coated in a whimsically unique color, such as bright red or periwinkle blue. Naturally, the placement of the bench will be dictated by where is comfortable and perhaps shady.

The way to showcase the bench itself is with the surrounding landscaping. If you want the bench to take center stage, create a monochromatic background out of shades of green. However, you can also create a sense of cohesion by incorporating some smaller blooms that are similar in color to the bench.

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